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Posted: 10/14/2014
Rhino Shield Roof Coating Has You Covered
By Patricia Meek
At Georgia Coatings, we take great pride in our premier product - our exterior elastomeric ceramic coating  - that insulates and protects, and  withstands the test of time like a champ. We've got your roof covered, too, in many cases, with our specialized roof top coating products. It's like having an extra umbrella of weathering protection.
For metal roof top coating, we start with Rhino Shield Red Iron Oxide protective primer for steel, aluminum and galvanized metal roofs.it creates a confident rust barrier.
For Part Two of the metal roofing process, or Part 1 of any other roofing process, we spray on a roof coating of lustrous top coat of Durable Finish Cote elastomeric ceramic coating that comes in over a thousand colors and protects in all extremes of climates. It creates a strong, rubbery barrier that insulates, protects and blocks out ultraviolet rays to help keep the roof cool. An added advantage is the addition of mildewcides in the coating base to keep the roof looking like new all the time.
For typical asphalt roofing, tiles or log cabin roofs, our Rhino Clear  Protective Waterproofing Sealer provides a beautiful protective barrier against the elements. It waterproofs and protects against molds, mildews and algae. This option comes in clear or glossy, or rich semi-transparent tints such as Honey.
Then there is Super Shield Roof One Coat - withe the same elastomeric ceramic coating, insulation, moisture protection and mildewcides - but in a single coat which is especially ideal for sloping roofs.  This is an excellent alternative to re-roofing!
Super Shield Roof One Coat bonds and seals tightly to concrete, asphalt,  primed metal, tile, bonded gravel roofing, bitumen, slate, aluminum and other materials, and comes with a 10 year warranty.
For flat roofs that have the particular problem of rainwater that collects in pools, you need the superior moisture protection of Super Shield Flat Roof System.
Give Georgia Coatings a call at 678-205-4500 for your free home estimate. We'll be glad to provide you with references.
Posted: 10/9/2014
Make Your Home More Energy Efficient with Rhino Shield
By Patricia Meek
If you are interested in cutting down on electric bills, we have a solution you may never have considered. Make your home more energy efficient with a new coat of insulating, industrial strength, maintenance-free exterior ceramic coating from Georgia Coatings. It can really can make a difference!
Our Rhino Shield elastomeric ceramic coating is made of tiny ceramic beads instead of flat acrylic paint flakes. Here is what this difference means to you:
1. The ceramic material naturally insulates to provide a better energy efficient coating
2. The three-dimensional shape of the particles increases insulation potential.
3. Our ceramic coating is approximately 8 times thicker than standard house paint, to provide greater protection against the weather.
4. Insulates to retain your home's heat in the wintertime.
5. Our coating also has ingredients that reflect UV rays to lower wall surface temperatures in summer, saving on cooling bills.
You cannot go wrong with choosing our Rhino Shield exterior ceramic coating for a more energy efficient home. It even comes with a 25 year transferable warranty against cracking, peeling and chipping thanks to its superior eleastomeric properties. We have roof coatings to give your home a full blanket of protection. And don't forget the garage, with our range of products including floor coating.

Give us a call today at 678-205-4500 to schedule a free estimate for your home and learn how Georgia Coatings can solve your problems. Once you have a Rhino Shield coating, you never paint again!
Posted: 9/29/2014
About Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating
By Patricia Meek
Rhino Shield's durable, flexible, waterproof, sun-proof, fade-proof, insulating, maintenance-free elastomeric exterior ceramic coatings for your home or other investments was born out of sheer need in an unforgiving climate.
The weather in Florida is harsh. A home must withstand extremes of heat expansion, drying and sun damage, as well as rain storms, daily clinging tropical moisture that fosters the growth of mildew and mold, constant abrasion by wind-driven sand and salt in beach locales, and hurricane-force winds...and occasional ice.
Even the best painting contractors must depend on the quality of heir products. Return trips to make warranty repairs is costly and time-consuming.
So the folks at a painting company in Destin did something about it.
They worked with chemists at 3M company to produce a coating system  that contains less water, mildewcides, exceptional surface bonding, enough elasticity to stretch as the building structure shifts, and about 10 times thicker surface coating with the inclusion of ceramic microbeads in place of standard acrylic flakes. 
It's not paint; it's protection!
Although it looks like paint, this truly remarkable protective coating adheres to almost any surface, resists stains, is easy to wash, and makes UV rays bounce off, so the house stays cooler inside.
National testing lab BASF periodically tests our coatings to ensure that they meet (and indeed exceed) fire, weathering, adhesion and other standards.
And still that's not all. You have 1,500 colors to choose from, and a 25 year transferable warranty.
Never paint again! Call us at 678-205-4500 for a free and accurate at-home estimate. You can rest easy knowing your home can endure the worst nature has to throw at it.
Posted: 9/23/2014
Restore Your Home With Ceramic Coating Spray
By Patricia Meek
Restore the beauty of your home with a beautiful exterior makeover using durable Rhino Shield elastomeric ceramic coating spray.
Our process starts with a free on-site estimate by one of our highly experienced technicians. We'll examine the exterior of your home, out buildings or other properties and give you an accurate written estimate.

Before applying the ceramic coating spray, we repair and fill in the larger areas that need attention and then apply an elastomeric primer that fills in the smaller gaps and imperfections. Our elastomeric coating is pliable to withstand the natural shifting plus expansion or contraction that buildings experience with weather variations, to maintain a solid seal of protection year-round. 

Finally, we apply our tough-as-a-rhino's hide Rhino Shield ceramic coating spray for a beautiful finish that is in every way superior to standard latex paint. 

Standard house paints are composed of some 60% water and flecks of colored acrylic. Our ceramic coating is made of durable, tiny ceramic microbeads that roll into place against one another for a tightly bonded, many times thicker defense against:
  • Intense Prolonged Heat
  • Freezing Temperatures
  • High Winds
  • Heavy Rain and Storms
  • IceTropical Humidity
  • UV Sun Damage (Fading and Cracking)
  • Mold and Mildew
We even include a 25 year transferable warranty against chipping, cracking and fading. Coat your home with Rhino Shield and Never Paint Again! Call 678-205-4500 to get started now.

Posted: 9/19/2014
It's Called Curb Appeal
By Patricia Meek
You never get a second chance to make a great first impression. Neighbors, visitors, potential buyers all want to see your home looking beautiful from the outside when they drive up. This is what influences their opinions about you, about the neighborhood and about the livability your home inside.
Nothing spruces up a house faster than a new coat of paint. You can keep the exterior of your home looking great for years to come with Rhino Shield elastomeric ceramic coating.
Our two step coating process starts with an elastomeric primer that covers cracks to create a pliable seal around the exterior of your home. It keeps out leaks and vapors. The following ceramic coating in your choice of 1,500 colors contains tiny ceramic microspheres that bind together tightly to protect your home from the worst the weather has to throw at it. 
Need some inspiration? TV's DIY show recommends picking out a bold color for the front door to make your home distinctive. HGTV suggests taming the landscape so your home can be seen better from the road. Better Homes and Gardens suggests installing outdoor lighting so the beauty of your home can be seen at night as well. And another tactic that many decorators use is the three-color scheme: choose a soft shade for the walls, plus a complementary color in a deeper shade for trim or the door, and a bold color for shutters.

Have one of our seasoned experts from Georgia Coatings come to your home for a free estimate to protect your home's exterior and give it great curb appeal with Rhino Shield elastomeric ceramic coating. He can help you choose a color scheme from our selection of 1,500 blends. Call us today at 678-205-4500.
Posted: 9/15/2014
We're On The Air!
By Patricia Meek
Listen out for our Rhino Shield Commercials on Atlanta's News Radio 106.7. Restore your home with our Rhino Shield elastomeric ceramic coating and never paint again. Our coating comes with a 25 year transferable warranty. And it comes in any of 1,500 colors.  Call us for your free at-home estimate at 678-205-4500.
Posted: 9/5/2014
Free Exterior House Painting Estimate
By Patricia Meek
The end of summer is the perfect time to consider repainting your home to have it weatherproofed for winter.
Call Georgia Coatings first for your free onsite exterior house painting estimate. One of our expert technicians will come out to review your home and make recommendations.
Our technician will call your attention areas that suffer from cracking, peeling, disintegration, mold, mildew, weathering or rust that will require additional care before applying our durable 'tough as a rhino's hide' Rhino Shield elastomeric ceramic coating. 
After a thorough examination of the structure, we present a written exterior house painting estimate for you. It's our word, and it outlines our analysis, expected costs and  time frame for completion.
We have been painting homes in the Atlanta, Georgia, area for many years, so our estimates are quite accurate. Our painters will then come to your home, prepare all surfaces, put on a sealer primer subcoat that lays a protective 'bendable'  coating to cover all cracks and joints as they expand and contract with the weather. Then we put a color coat on the house in any of 1500 colors you decide on. Finally, we clean up and leave your home looking like new. You'll be so proud. And with a 25 year transferable warranty, you'll never paint again!
Contact us at Georgia Coating at 678-205-4500 for your free exterior house painting estimate with durable Rhino Shield elastomeric ceramic coating today. It's a worthy investment.
Posted: 8/29/2014
Heat Resistant Ceramic Coating
By Patricia Meek
In the South, we go to all kinds of lengths to beat the summer heat.
Cut down on outrageous air conditioning bills by coating your home's exterior with Rhino Shield elastomeric ceramic coating.
Our ceramic coating goes on as much as 10 times thicker, to insulate and protect your home's exterior. Most house paints are 60% water that evaporates and leaves nothing but a thin layer of color. Our Rhino Shield ceramic coating includes 46% elastomeric resins that adhere tightly to your home's surfaces to create a sturdy barrier against intense summer heat.
Our ceramic coating is made of tiny smooth ceramic beads that pack more densely than regular paint flakes. They adhere together more tightly than paint to make a super-smooth protective barrier that reflects heat more efficiently. The wall surface temperature stays lower.
Rhino Shield ceramic coating also reflects UV rays. 
Our coating is guaranteed to last, with a 25 year transferable guarantee against chipping, cracking or peeling. You'll never paint again.
Call us at Georgia Coating, at 678-205-4500 for a free at-home estimate and start saving. 

Posted: 8/25/2014
Rust? We've Got You Covered With Rhino Rust Bond
By Patricia Meek
Trying to paint over rust can be tricky. It's not a solid surface anymore. Over time air and moisture break down elements in iron and iron alloy metals such as steel. The chemical reaction creates that reddish iron oxide that separates from the rest of the underlying metal, peeling away and flaking off.
The surface is no longer a solid one. When you paint over rust, the coating should be one that can lay over it thickly to create a smooth finish. Rhino Shield's Rhino Rust Bond give you smooth, unified results that bring back the original beauty.
Rhino Rust Bond adheres tightly to corrosion, sealing it permanently before the application of any color coating.  It penetrates and reinforces with a strong two-part system of epoxy application.
When you paint over rust, the underlying metal is still vulnerable to further rusting underneath unless you use Rhino Rust Bond. It contains a rust inhibitor to stop further corrosion. We've got you covered from all angles.
Although Rhino Rust Bond has a great reputation for industrial use, the same can be used at home. Apply it to metal pipes and posts in your basement or garage, to exterior metal walls and corrugated roofs, and to wrought iron fencing for a beautiful new look.

Rhino Rust Bond is cost-effective and non-toxic. Call Georgia Coatings at 678-205-4500 to learn more.
Posted: 8/17/2014
What Elastomeric Painting Means To You
By Patricia Meek
"An elastomer is a polymer with viscoelasticity (colloquially "elasticity"), generally having low Young's modulus and high failure strain compared with other materials.'
So says Wikipedia. But what does that mean to you, the average home owner?
The Paint Quality Institute puts it into better perspective: "Elastomeric wall coatings are exterior acrylic latex designed to be applied in very thick films (about 10 times as thick as regular paints); they are tough and flexible, and stretch as cracks underneath open and close, thus bridging the cracks and keeping water out while maintaining a nice appearance. These coatings are called EWCs for short."
Regular house paint is composed of acrylic, some color pigment, and about 60% water. Our durable, 'thick as a rhino's hide'  Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating contains 46% elastomeric resin in place of most of the water.
It goes on thicker. The color isn't some kind of white-wash, but a gleaming coat with layered depth. It washes easily, keeping maintenance to a minimum. It doesn't get dried out, but remains 'bendable' as houses shift with time and soil conditions. It keeps moisture out. It protects your house for many more years than normal paint. In fact, our Rhino Shield elastomeric ceramic coating for the home comes with a 25 year warranty against cracking and peeling. You'll never paint again.
What does elastomeric paint mean to you, then? Quality, durability, beauty and savings!  Call Rhino Shield of Georgia today for your free at-home estimate at 678-205-4500.
Posted: 8/9/2014
Protect Your Home from Wood Rot with Rhino Shield
By Staff/Patricia Meek
Wood rot is an expensive yet common problem for Georgia homeowners.
Georgia's hot, wet climate is the perfect breeding ground for fungus that attacks moist wood and disintegrates it, creating weak spots or gaping holes that undermine foundations and destroy the beauty of your home. 
How do you go about protecting your home from wood rot while maintaining its pristine appearance? Let us protect your home with Rhino Shield's two-step elastomeric ceramic coating process. Start by calling Georgia Coatings at 678-205-4500. We'll send an expert out to your home for a free analysis and estimate.
We thoroughly inspect your home for cracks, wood rot and other damage, and have these repaired. The first coat that goes on is Rhino Shield's APS Adhesive Primer Sealer. This elastomeric polymer fills in hairline cracks and seals the substrate to provide a tight, tacky membrane that bends with the natural shifting of the home to provide a watertight seal.   
Finally we apply our ceramic coating in any of 1,500 colors that you desire. Tiny ceramic beads in a thick latex base bond tightly to the sealer coat to form barrier against all moisture, protecting the home from mold, mildew, algae and wood rot.
Our ceramic coating comes with a 25 year transferable non-pro-rated warranty. Call Georgia Coating for a perfect job home coating now, and you'll never paint again.
Posted: 7/31/2014
Interior Ceramic Coating For A Lifetime
By Patricia Meek
On average, home owners perform the aggravating task of painting the home's interior once every 10 years. That's because average interior paint scuffs, chips and gets dingy over time, making the entire room look worn out.  But our Rhino Shield Nature's Cote interior ceramic coating makes that chore a thing of the past.
First of all, it comes in four sheens (matte, eggshell, satin, etc.) and can be tinted to any color. It's high solid, bright titanium dioxide base keeps colors looking new and vibrant for year. Don't have standard drywall? Not a problem! Nature's Cote adheres well to unusual interior surfaces such as wood, brick, metal, concrete and plaster coating.
These with allergies need not worry. Nature's Cote is Low Odor and Low VOC. We even have a Zero VOC formula! VOCs are 'volatile organic compounds' that escape as vapors through the wall. Formaldehyde is one, for example. These are not at toxic levels, but they linger and can accumulate in the home, compromising the health of those who are sensitive.
Just to let you know, Nature's Cote is so safe that it is used in hospitals, where silver is added to the compound to make it antibacterial as well.
The safety of our Rhino Shield products is of great importance. Our Nature's Cote has earned a Class A fire rating, indicating zero flame spread. 
The tiny ceramic microbeads that comprise our ceramic coating fit snugly against one another for a tight bond that is extremely smooth. Nature's Cote is extremely durable, with an unusually smooth finish that resists stains and is very easy to clean. In lab tests, it endures an average of 262 scrubbings. Muddy dogs, greasy home mechanics and children armed with crayons are no match for it.
Lasting durability is another issue to consider.The greater thickness of ceramic coating as opposed to average paint (up to eight times thicker) helps to insulate the walls from noise and outside temperatures. 
Our final assurance is Rhino Shield's 25 year guarantee. Let Georgia Coatings finish your interior walls with Nature's Cote and you'll never paint again - saving you time,  money and lots of aggravation. Call us at 678-205-4500 today for a free estimate.
Posted: 7/25/2014
It's Not Paint - How Rhino Shield Ceramic Coatings Beats Paint
By Patricia Meek
Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating Beats The Lid Off Of Regular Paint! Superior ingredients combine to make a superior product.
A quick review of  Rhino Shield's official website specs reveals this:
Paint is mostly acrylic with some tint and stabilizers, only 40%. The rest is water. Rhino Shield is 80% solids. Tiny ceramic microspheres go on thick. These smooth little micropheres slide into place compactly with one another, creating a tight elastomeric bond that goes on thicker and stays thicker as it dries, providing maximum weather protection for your home.
Rhino Shield ceramic coating adheres tightly to all kinds of housing materials, filling in minor cracks, preventing moisture seepage. Yet it is pliable enough to contract and expand with natural wall movement due to heat, cold, rain, drought and ice. Think of these ceramic microspheres as little ball bearings, rolling around against each other. They are a solid, yet they are fully pliable. Paint can't do that!
Posted: 7/18/2014
Rhino Shield Can Match Home Exterior
By Staff/Patricia Meek

You love your home and wouldn’t change a thing, except maybe all the maintenance required to keep the place looking good.

When the upkeep gets to be to much, obviously, it’s time to re-paint. This time call Georgia Coatings. One of our experienced professionals will come to your home to inspect the structure's integrity, match your paint to one of our 1,500 colors, and give you an accurate estimate.
We use only  durable, elastomeric Rhino Shield Ceramic coating for all exterior features. With Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating you can still keep the look of your home while reducing all the time and effort of monthly maintenance. In addition, this two-step primer and coat process puts a colorful, protective barrier around your beloved investment. It blocks heat, withstands intense sun, cold, wind and rain, it has a high fire rating, and it repels moisture and mildew. What more could you ask for? How about a 25 year warranty against peeling, cracking and fading.
The peace of mind is worth ever penny!
 Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating is a 100% acrylic formula combining elastomeric acrylic resin  with urethane resins allowing for your exterior to be shaded in any color you have in mind.
Give Georgia Coatings a call today 678-205-4500 and let us show you.
Posted: 7/7/2014
Make Rhino Shield Elastomeric Ceramic Coating Your Home Improvement Goal
By Staff/Patricia Meek
Every year the home improvement industry makes great advancements in new product technology. And every year Rhino Shield's elastomeric ceramic coating leads the way in superior wall coating technology. Rhino Shield elastomeric ceramic coating not only protects your home from the most harsh weather conditions, but its UV and solar-blocking properties save you money, with lower air conditioning bills.
Rhino Shield elastomeric ceramic coating will not trap moisture. It also comes with built-in mildewcides, and fungicides to beat the ravages of moisture before it has a chance to take hold. And at the opposite end of the endurance spectrum, it meets or surpasses all ratings to withstand fire.
Rhino Shield's innovative technology combines tiny ceramic microbeads with polymers to create a thick yet flexible layer tough enough to protect your home for decades to come. This worthy investment comes with a 25 year transferable warranty against cracking, peeling and fading. Comes in your choice of 1,500 colors!

Give us a call at 678-205-4500 and give your home the most valuable improvement of all.

Posted: 6/26/2014
Rhino Shield Residential Ceramic Coatings Cover All
By Patricia Meek
When it comes to house paint, Rhino Shield ceramic coating has got you covered from top to bottom.
Our Nature's Cote interior ceramic coating is water based, low VOC, and made of tiny ceramic spheres that go on smoothly and evenly. Nature's Cote comes in beautiful, rich colors, and is dirt-resistant, insulating, and has a Class 'A' fire rating. It goes on smoothly right over the old bathroom wallpaper, kitchen paneling or basement concrete. You can even paint the brick fireplace.
Outside, Georgia Coatings uses a two-step exterior painting method starting with Adhesive Primer Sealer that fills in the little cracks and forms a water-tight barrier against the elements to keep your home safe from dry rot, mold, mildew and fungus. This coating also adheres to any variety of outdoor surface, including, brick, stucco, plank, metal and concrete.
Step Two is the color application, available in 1500 shades, of ceramic Durable Finish Coat. Here, Rhino Shleld combines elastomeric acrylic with a urethane resin to provide additional waterproofing that is pliable enough to expand and contract with the vagaries of extreme weather conditions. Your beautiful finish comes with a 25 year guarantee against peeling or cracking.
Want to cover the roof, too? We can do that, too, with the same high quality ceramic coating that maintains color, blocks UV rays and heat, and contains water barriers to repel moisture.
Don't forget the deck (or the natural finish log cabin). Rhino Clear protective waterproofing sealer has the same algeacides, fungicides and mildewcides. Comes in clear, glossy or a variety of semi-transparent hues meant to bring out the beauty of the wood.
Why stop there? We carry products to protect your garage inside and outside as well.
Posted: 6/12/2014
Request Georgia Coatings For Quality Paint Contracting
By Patricia Meek

Do your 'home'work before making any big decisions on major improvements to your housing investment. Which company has the best reputation? Most satisfied customers? Most competitive pricing? Quality work? And don't forget real customer service!

When it comes to shopping for the best painting contractor, you need a company that takes the time to walk you through the process and explain things thoroughly, with details and a reasonable estimate put in writing for your protection.

At Georgia Coatings, we recognize the needs of our customers for reliable estimates, reliable work and reliable service.
With the thought of utmost quality in mind, we use only Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating - the best surface protection on the market. It's not paint, but something much better.
Standard paint is 60% water. Rhino Shield is a near-solid coating with only 20% water, going on thick and sturdy, providing STRONG protection against cracking, peeling, UV sun damage, hard rains and hail, high winds, intense cold, snow and ice. It resists mold and mildew, salt corrosion and vapor trapping. It meets and often exceeds federal specifications and BASF tests.
Our Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating is so reliable that it comes with a 25 year, transferable, non-prorated guarantee, for years of dependable customer service to come.
Call us at 1-877-678-2054 today or use our convenient Contact page here on the website to schedule your free onsite review and estimate. You can't go wrong with Georgia Coatings and Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating.
Posted: 6/5/2014
Exterior Paint - Mildew Resistant
By Patricia Meek
Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating is a mildew-resistant paint, excellent for areas where heavy rains, chronic moisture or heavy snows are a challenge.
Elastomeric polymers and ceramic microbeads go on smooth, providing a thick, waterproof barrier that is 8 - 10 times thicker than ordinary exterior paint. Our two-coat process with primer seals holes and cracks to provide an additional layer of waterproofing protection. Yet, our protective ceramic coating allows moisture vapors to pass outward, so paint dries fully and stays dry.
In addition, Rhino Shield outstrips standard paint with the addition of an EPA registered three part mold, mildew and algae killing additive - 16% of the total product - making it a truly mildew-resistant paint.
All of our paints are made in the United States, in a state-of-the-art facility, under industry-leading quality controls to ensure consistent product excellence. We meet EPA and Fire standards. In addition, we include a 25 year transferable warranty against chipping, cracking and peeling.
Contact Georgia Coatings today by phone or by using our online contact form, for your free consultation regarding our mildew-resistant paint.
Posted: 6/4/2014
Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating Experts
By Patricia Meek
Customers sometimes ask if they can buy the Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating from us and apply it themselves. In a word, no, for three very good reasons:
Our ceramic coating is a process, applied in a series of steps to ensure perfect coverage, from identification of trouble spots on the wall's surface, removing or repairing these trouble spots, laying down a layer of adhesive primer, and finally applying a color coating in your choice of 1,500 colors. 

The ceramic coating process sometimes requires the removal of harmful toxic black mold, mildew or asbestos.
Then the surface is carefully rebuilt and thoroughly coated with our Rhino Shield adhesive primer that includes mildewcides and fungicides.
Think of it as being like carefully removing all the infection from a tooth before applying a coating of antibiotic and sealing it up with filling material. You wouldn't let just anyone fill your tooth. The dentist must be a trained professional to get the job done right. Our ceramic coating experts get the job done right. You'll never paint again.
At Georgia Coatings, we have trained professional ceramic coating experts with many years of experience, who will treat your home with expert care.
One final reason why Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating cannot be purchased separately is that our finished product - labor and layered coatings combined -- comes with a phenomenal 25 year transferable guarantee against chipping, fading, peeling and cracking.
We are proud to say that you can't go wrong with our products and our expert service!
Give our friendly professionals at Georgia Coatings a call at 678-205-4500, or use our easy online contact form to ask for a FREE on-site estimate of what it would take to protect your home or investment.
Posted: 6/3/2014
Superior Mold Resistant Paint
By Patricia Meek
Along with April showers and May flowers come mold and mildew. These two are commonly found on exterior wall surfaces, particularly on shady corners and in the nooks and crannies of stucco. They enjoy growing on darkened, moist surfaces.
Mold is fuzzy. Mildew grows flat. Both come in green, black, yellow and white varieties. They can easily become airborne and inhaled, causing allergic and toxic symptoms.
That's where we come in. Our Rhino Shield ceramic coating is mold resistant paint that combats your home's exterior - as well as interior -  walls. Our ceramic coating system starts with removal of any current surface contaminants. Then we apply a thick coating of Adhesive Primer Sealer, which is a mold resistant paint that includes mildewcides and algaecides. This paint creates a thick, tight waterproof barrier that locks out water that would fuel future contamination. Yet, our coatings are permeable enough to allow condensation from inside the home to escape, so you won't have indoor moisture problems.
Our second elastomeric ceramic coating (which comes in 1500 colors) seals and protects against future paint breakdown. We back that up with a 25 year guarantee. Tiny, slippery ceramic beads keep mold and mildew from forming on your new house coating.
The Rhino Shield system was developed in tropical Florida, so you know our mold resistant paint has been tried and thoroughly tested in some extremes of weather.
There are plenty of rainy nights in Georgia. Days, too. To protect your home or property investment with superior mold resistant paint, just call us at 678-205-4500 or use our easy online contact form to ask questions or to schedule your FREE onsite estimate.
Posted: 5/10/2014
Preparing The Home For Ceramic Coating
By Patricia Meek
The Paint Quality Institute recommends these guidelines to prepare a home for elastomeric ceramic coating:
  1. Remove all dirt, mildew and chalk; treat mildew with a 3:1 water:bleach solution, leaving on for 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly; careful power washing with plain water (no cleaning agent or bleach added), being sure to not drive water into any openings there may be in the existing coating.

  2. Seal all cracks and openings using a quality acrylic or siliconized acrylic caulk.

  3. Check entire surface for blistering or other adhesion loss.

  4. Carefully remove any blistering or failing coating; seal the edge of the surrounding remaining coating with a quality acrylic latex caulk.

  5. Identify any source of intruding water or moisture that may have caused the blistering or other adhesion loss, and eliminate it.

Georgia Coatings then applies a layer of primer sealer over the surface before applying the final coat elastomeric ceramic coating, which can be as much as 10 times thicker than ordinary house paint, for a finish so strong that you'll never paint again.
Our Rhino Shield ceramic coating comes with a 25 year guarantee - well worth the investment!  Call us today at 678-205-4500 or use our convenient online contact form to get a free on-site estimate.
Posted: 5/2/2014
Rhino Shield Elastomeric Wall Coating Bridges Cracks
By Patricia Meek
The benefits of Rhino Shield's elastomeric wall coating far outweigh those of traditional house paint, espcially for homes constructed of masonry, concrete and stucco.
According to the Paint Quality Insititute, "Elastomeric wall coatings are designed for exterior masonry surfaces like concrete, stucco and concrete block. They are generally acrylic latex [based] ... designed to be applied in very thick films (about 10 times as thick as regular paints); they are tough and flexible, and stretch as cracks underneath open and close, thus bridging the cracks and keeping water out while maintaining a nice appearance. These coatings are called EWCs for short."
"The crack bridging capability is related to film thickness. It is essential that water not be allowed behind the EWC, so all caulking must be in good shape, chimneys must have rain caps, wall tops must be water proof, etc. ... Use of elastomeric wall coatings over masonry in Florida coastal areas has become commonly done."
Rhino Shield ceramic coating's elastomeric properties are ideal for the stress cracking and rain damage of Georgia weather, which can range from zero to the 100s in temperature.

Posted: 4/28/2014
Benefits of Red-Iron Metal Primer
By Patricia Meek
Rhino-Shield's Red-Iron Metal Primer (RMP) is superior for treatment of outdoor - as well as indoor - ferrous metals. Those are the kind that break down and rust, such as iron, steel and aluminum. Unless a red iron metal primer is applied, no matter how thickly a 'rustable' surface is painted, the rust will continue to occur and eventually bleed through to your newly painted surface.
Our Red Iron Metal Primer prepares the surface of metals, encapsulating rusted areas to make them smoother for a final coat that is durable, less subject to cracking and peeling, and more beautiful. RMP metal primer is high in solids such as zinc and red iron oxide that cover and protect the metal from further rust and corrosion. It is used in situations where sandblasting or acid removal is not recommended for corrosion.
RMP is ideal for industrial buildings, steel roofs, metal window trim, plus wrought iron foyer railing and fencing that is prevalent at so many older southern homes. 
Once the metal primer has been applied, we follow up with a color coat of thick and durable Rhino-Shield ceramic coating for high performance protection from further weathering. Rust and corrosion are held in check for decades to come.
Posted: 4/25/2014
BASF Rates Rhino Shield Superior
By Patricia Meek
Rhino Shield elastomeric ceramic coating is routinely laboratory tested by BASF in an effort to provide the highest quality product on the market.
BASF is a nationally recognized testing laboratory, which uses internationally-recognized ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards for comparing the durability of products. More than 30,000 technical experts worldwide develop testing criteria, standards and test methods employed by testing labs such as BASF.
BASF Chemical Company, located in New Jersey, is renowned for its uncompromisingly accurate and fair testing of chemicals, plastics, pigments, resins, paints and coatings, and oil and gas products.
Rhino Shield elastomeric ceramic coating routinely gets top scores across the board after being subjected to the most extreme thermal tests of exposure to heat, cold and moisture.
Our elastomeric ceramic coating is checked for stretching, cracking, peeling, vapor exchange, 'elongation,' 'tensile strength' of the plasticizers used, sun reflectance, color fading, tear resistance, accelerated general weathering, and even salt corrosion tolerance.
Our ceramic coating continues to receive the highest ratings, and yet, we're never satisfied. Our development and testing is an ongoing process designed to always give our customers the very best product on the market. 
Call Georgia Coatings now at 678-205-4500 or use our convenient online contact form to get a free estimate for protecting your property investment for decades to come. You'll never paint again!
Posted: 4/24/2014
Weatherproof Your Roof with Supershield
By Patricia Meek
You can have a weatherproof roof  for decades with Super Shield, Rhino Shield's superior elastomeric ceramic coating product made specifically for the harsh effects of cold, wind, rain, heat and UV rays that directly attack a roof.
Super Shield ceramic coating covers just abut every roofing material imaginable, including clay tiles, shingling or metal.
A base coat seals all substrate cracks to prevent water penetration that could lead to mold and mildew.
A second coat our thick, durable Super Shield coating contains ceramic microspheres and elastomeric resins that resist rain - even in high wind conditions, to create a double barrier against moisture and cracking, giving you a weatherproof roof.
Our Cool Colors technology deflects the sun's UV rays to reduce roof temperature. You'll see a difference in your air conditioning bills this summer.
It's a simple way to update the appearance of your property and increase its longevity with a beautiful weatherproof roof. Super Shield comes in 1,500 colors and has a 25 year written guarantee.
Call Georgia Coatings at 678-205-4500 or complete our easy website contact form for a free onsite estimate today!
Posted: 4/23/2014
How Did Rhino Shield Get its Name?
By Archives Update from 2012/ Patricia Meek

If you are considering adding Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating to your home, you may wonder, “How exactly did Rhino Shield get its name?”

The founders of Rhino Shield started as home improvement contractors in the Florida Panhandle, a location well known for its extreme heat and humidity, frosty cold, torrential rain, and of course, hurricanes.
Over the years, they sold and applied many different paints and coatings, including national brand paints, and even proprietary coatings with long term warranties, but nothing was durable enough to withstand very long what Florida weather dished out.
Being conscientious contractors, this company went back and took care of their customers, fixing issues with the paints and coatings they applied as problems occurred. They hired a chemist to help determine if the problems were due to materials or their application.
The chemist could find no immediate fault in their methods. They were using reputable materials, using good surface preparation, and applying the product according to the manufacturers specifications.

So the chemist broke down the paints and discovered that they were full of fillers such as clay, extenders, and vinyl. He reported his findings to the contractors.  After two, three, or four years, the fillers in these paints were degrading and causing problems.

The chemist suggested developing a coating with no fillers, less water and solids composed of only pigments and resins which would not break down. Ceramic microspheres were added to make the product glide on better, adhere better and be even more durable. Hence the name, Rhino Shield. It's as tough as rhinoceros hide. Tough enough to protect your investment property from even the harsh Florida climate.

Rhino Shield ceramic coating is backed by a 25 year guarantee. You'll never paint again. To learn more about this extraordinary product and how it can protect your home, call Rhino Shield at 678-205-4500 or use our convenient online contact form.

Posted: 4/21/2014
Have You Seen This Rhino Shield Crew Leader?
By Patricia Meek
Have you seen this man around town?
If so, your neighbor is likely enjoying the enduring work of an artist.
Abed is one of our highly trained ceramic coating applicators and a crew leader here at Georgia Coatings. 
We're the company who brings you Rhino Shield ceramic coatings, the house coating so durable that it comes with a 25 year guarantee against peeling, chipping and cracking. You'll never paint again.
At Georgia Coatings, all of our house painters are craftsmen skilled in the art of careful base preparation, precision foundation coating, even color application and perfect cleanup. We treat your home with the same care as we would treat our own. 
Like all of our crew members, Abed has had proper training topped with years of on-site experience. Our teams do the job right the first time, and on time.
In addition, our crew members are 'people persons.'  You won't feel uncomfortable having the work crew at your home.
For more information about our great crew members and their dedicated work, and for a free on-property estimate, just call Georgia Coatings at  678-205-4500, or use our convenient website contact page.

Posted: 4/16/2014
Origins of Ceramic Coating
By Patricia Meek
Rhino Shield ceramic wall and roof coating is a durable combination of tiny elastomeric polymer spheres mixed with urethane resins that combine into a tough yet flexible and breathable coating that adheres tightly to almost any surface.
Ceramic Coating is the result of  generations of scientists seeking a coating that would be stronger, smoother to lessen friction, corrosion-resistant and able to withstand extremes of temperature and water.
Organic polymer powder coatings go back to as early as the 1940s when German scientists sprayed it on metallic parts to cut down on friction. By the mid-1950s resin was introduced to turn the powder into a fluid coating, and the process was patented. Original uses have always been for abrasion and corrosion solutions. Since the 1960s ceramic coatings have been utilized heavily in the space program.
Why choose ceramic clay as a base for coating? Because as far back as 1st century Greece, builders used coatings of burned clay to insulate and provide extra protection. it had the additional property of mixing well with fats and dyes to provide durable color. Meanwhile, the clear substance we know as lacquer (a resinous coating made from insects) was being developed in the Indus Valley to protect the surface of special items that required much care.
In the 1950s German scientist Dr. Erwin Gemmer combined resin and ceramics to make a fluid coating that  could be applied to almost any surface. Prior to that, powdered ceramic coating could only be flame-sprayed, so its uses were limited only to high heat metals. This was a tremendous breakthrough.
Current uses for ceramic coatings are seen everyday on non-stick frying pans, in combustion chambers of high performance vehicles and jet engines, in machinery that is subject to a great deal of friction, and for automotive and industrial coatings that have a lasting finish, such as for pipes and towers, as well as missile nose cones and outer space equipment, and for biomedical implants. 

Now your home can have the same durable coating as a space shuttle! Our Rhino Shield ceramic coating covers almost any surface, and protects your home from extremes of heat and cold, UV rays, water vapor and even noise to some degree. Our coating comes with a 25 year transferable warranty against cracking and chipping. You'll never paint again. 
To get started, just call us at Georgia Coatings for a free on-site estimate at 678-205-4500, or use our convenient website contact page.
Posted: 4/5/2014
Georgia Coatings: Superior Exterior House Painters
By pmeek
Whether you are preparing your property for sale or doing some well-deserved 'spring cleaning,' call Georgia Coatings, the superior exterior house painters, to get it done right.
With an 'A' rating by the Better Business Bureau, Georgia Coatings has proudly served Georgia  - and Tennessee - with quality service and superior Rhino Shield ceramic coating for many years.
Estimates take into account such things as pressure washing, repairing minor damage or replacing boards, and special problems such as rust build-up. Walls are cleaned and treated. Then a base coat is applied, to even out small spots, to provide an extra layer of durability, and to provide a neutral background that brings out the best in the colored top coat.
We help your choose from an unlimited number of colors to coordinate exterior and trim  on surfaces such as brick, wood, metal, tile, concrete, stucco or HardiePlank siding.
Our superior exterior house painters are professional  in carefully preparing and applying Rhino Shield ceramic coating, as well as answering all customer questions and concerns in a courteous manner. We also clean up thoroughly before we consider the job done.
The end result is a perfectly beautiful job, with an especially smooth, heat and cold resistant, mold and mildew resistant, moisture resistant ceramic coating that comes with a 25 year transferable warranty. You'll never paint again!
Call 1-877-678-2054 or use our website contact form to schedule an estimate with our superior exterior house painters!
Posted: 3/27/2014
Commercial Uses for Rhino Shield Coating
Although the majority of our business is in taking care of individual homes, we at Georgia Coatings would like to point out some commercial uses for our superior Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating. We are proud to carry such a fine product.
By now you may have become aware that Rhino Shield coating has been featured on HGTV, and has been used to restore and protect many historical homes, churches and various landmarks, coating everything from stately steeples to elegant wrought Iron fences to keep them beautiful for years to come.
In addition, you'll find our product protecting retail stores, government buildings, universities and other institutions worldwide. It's a wise investment for longevity, keeping the budget lean.
Unusual applications include NASCAR's Aerodyn wind tunnel. Our hardy Rhino Shield Coating can withstand the 100 mph generated winds that would shred any latex paint.
Our coatings are used on government and commercial buildings throughout the world, particularly in areas such as the Middle East, Africa, Asia, South America and the Arctic, where buildings are exposed to extremes of heat, cold, monsoons, ocean salts, deserts, and the tropical mix of heat and rain that can break down standard paints quickly.
That's how durable our coating is. Surely you want to give your home the same superior protection. Call Georgia Coatings today for an onsite estimate.
Posted: 3/25/2014
How Ceramic Coating Is Different From Standard Paint
By Patricia Meek
How is Ceramic Coating different from standard house paint?
Standard latex paint is up to 60% water and a little bit of plasticizer, pigment and chalk. It dries in thin layers, often requiring a second or third coat to achieve full color saturation.
Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating is composed of elastomeric resins for better coverage, bonding and elasticity, plus ceramic microspheres that adhere more compactly, as well as mildewcides and algaecides build right into the coating for long lasting protection.
Rhino Shield ceramic coating goes on 8 to 10 times thicker than standard paint, with superior adhesion, providing immediate protection from UV rays, mildew, mold, algae, moisture and coating breakdown or cracking, plus greater heat, cold and sound insulation.
Plus, it comes in 1,500 colors.
Our coating applies to almost any surface with a tight adhesive seal. It meets or exceeds all BASF lab tests, including fireproof rating. It is non-toxic, low odor, nonflammable. It creates a moisture barrier to protect your home, yet allows trapped moisture from within the home to "breathe out."
To top it all off, Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating comes with a 25 year transferable warranty. Truly, once you cover your home in our product, you'll Never Paint Again.
Posted: 3/18/2014
Mildew Proof Paint Defends Against Spring Showers and Summer Storms
By Patricia Meek
Rhino Shield's ceramic mildew proof paint defends against spring showers and summer storms like rain off a duck's back.
Our special elastomeric ceramic coating is thicker than simple acrylic house paints. This mildew proof paint bonds more compactly, adhering tightly to the wall surface and  sealing the surface of your home or other property against the elements. It seals the surface to prevent moisture penetration.
Our intrepid ceramic coating also includes a mildewcide and fungicide to kill any waterborne contaminants that would adhere to the structure's surface. You'll never have to worry about the expense of repairing mold or mildew damage.
Finally, these durable ceramic microspheres are pliable enough to move with your home's surface as it expands and contracts during extremes of weather conditions.
Rhino Shield will not crack and will not allow moisture to seep in like regular paint when it begins to age and deteriorate. We're so sure that we offer a 25 year guarantee.
Contact Rhino Shield for a free estimate!
Posted: 3/10/2014
Signs of Spring - Exterior Ceramic Coating in 1500 Colors
By Patricia Meek
It's Springtime. Time to rejuvenate your home. Choose from Rhino Shield's beautiful palette of 1,500 colors of exterior ceramic coating and make your home a work of art.
According to Better Homes and Gardens, the three-color scheme for exterior home painting is most popular. Choose a main wall color plus a  decorative accent color for 'pop' that is usually applied to shutters and/or front door, as well as a neutral 'blend -into -the-background' color for gutters and trim. Here, we see a four-color plan of two neutrals and one pop color used in a unique way as roof edging. (Photo courtesy of Better Homes And Gardens)
Why use ceramic coating instead of regular paint? How long do you want your exterior coating to last? How long do you want the colors to look fresh? How about heat reflectivity, vapor barrier, acoustic insulation, fire resistance, lower energy bills and easy clean-up? 
Rhino Shield exterior ceramic coating is an acrylic waterborne wall covering composed of tiny round ceramic microspheres that are thicker and more durable than latex paint.
All these tiny beads slip into place together more closely to provide better adhesion and a much tighter bond against the elements. Your home or commercial property stays beautiful much longer, energy bills are reduced, and your property value increases.
And don't forget, you get a 25 year transferable warranty. You'll never paint again!
Posted: 2/25/2014
Save Cash with Rhino Shield 25 Year Ceramic Coating Warranty
By Patricia Meek
When you choose Georgia Coating's Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating over regular latex paint, the value just keeps on coming for years.
In addition to outstanding protection against rain, mold, mildew and rot, wind, sun fading and cracking, plus some soundproofing, Rhino Shield seals the deal with a superior 25 year warranty!
Our ceramic coating must continually pass the industry's most extreme tests for intense heat, freezing and moisture. How do we do it? While other latex paints include water, our product is composed of elastomeric polymers and antimicrobial substances.
Standard exterior latex paint wears out quickly and needs to be re-applied about every five years. Not so with Rhino Shield! One application is up to 10 times thicker than regular paint, and lasts for 25 years - guaranteed!  Our 25 year warranty protects against fading, cracking and peeling.
And it's transferable to the next owners, thereby increasing the resale value of your home. We stand by our products!

Call Georgia Coatings today at 678-205-4500 to learn more about applying a Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating to your Georgia home. You can also ask us about the full warranty details.

Posted: 2/23/2014
Environmentally Green Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating
By Archives: Alansche 2011/ Patricia Meek

Rhino Shield ceramic coatings offer many 'green' benefits.

Rhino Shield ceramic coatings protect more than your home; they also protect the environment. By choosing Rhino Shield over traditional latex paints, you are ‘going green’ and reducing harmful emissions for your home.

Rhino Shield ceramic coatings offer these green benefits:

  • Low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) – less than 100 grams per liter
  • Non-toxic
  • Low-odor; no inhalation hazard
  • Safe for skin exposure; no protective clothing required
  • Approved for Solid Waste Landfill disposal
  • Non-flammable
  • It is a low-e product that reduces thermal conductivity
  • Rhino Shield’s life cycle is much longer than that of traditional latex paints; by extending the cycle by more than 50 percent, the coating is ‘green’
  • Contact Georgia Coatings today for your FREE at home estimate at 678-205-4500.

Posted: 2/14/2014
Get Ready For Spring Outdoor Ceramic Paint
By Pat Meek

Hopefully the "wintery mix" is finally behind us and we can get outdoors to prepare for Spring. Now is the time to get your FREE home estimate for outdoor ceramic paint that will last 25 years or more. You'll never paint again.

With that in mind, it's a good idea to prepare a perfect 'canvas' for your new Rhino Shield outdoor ceramic paint. Here are some things you can look  for and point out to our home estimate inspector as both of you look over the property.
  • lead paint
  • mold and mildew
  • wood rot
  • rust
  • cracks in stucco
  • joints that have widened
  • loss of caulking around windows and doors
  • areas of puddling at the base of the home which could affect the foundation
  • problem gutters that would cause rain damage to your home
When we do an estimate, we'll take a look at things like this which could affect the integrity of your outdoor ceramic paint project, and take steps to correct  them before applying any coating. In addition, Georgia Coatings applies a layer of primer to help seal cracks and kill microbes and mold that could cause future damage. When our foundation is perfect, we apply our Rhino Shield outdoor ceramic paint in any of the 1,500 colors you desire.
Call Georgia Coatings today at 678-205-4500 to get a jump on Spring! We're scheduling estimates now.

Posted: 2/5/2014
Georgia Coatings 2013 Crew Leader of the Year
By RE/pmeek
Congratulations to Harold, our Georgia Coatings Crew Leader of the Year for 2013. 
What makes Harold stand out from the rest of our crews?  They all do a great job. 
This year our choice was based on how well homeowners related to the crews who provided service for them.
Harold did not receive a single complaint from our customers.
He was patient, calm and understanding, working with each of them to make them feel comfortable with the Rhino Shield ceramic coating product and its application.
Perfect job, Harold! Jeff and Roxanne want to thank you for all your hard work and dedication.
Posted: 2/3/2014
Get Your Spring Home Exterior Coating Makeover Estimates Now
By Patricia Meek
Regardless of the groundhog's predictions, the fact is that Spring is just around the corner. Now is the time to get our people out to your home to discuss an exterior makeover with our durable Rhino Shield ceramic coating before the rush begins. 
Whether it's a long overdue necessity, or you simply feel like changing up the color, one of our staff at Georgia Coatings will be glad to come out to your home for a FREE ESTIMATE and same-day quote. No need to wait and wonder.
Just call us at 678-205-4500 to make an appointment for 10, 2 or evenings Monday through Thursday, or 10 or 2 on Friday and Saturday.
Our estimator will come out to your residence free of charge and take measurements of the exterior surfaces, checking for rotting wood or any other underlying conditions that must be remedied first. Then he or she will present a quote, explain the process, and answer all your questions.
Overall, some 97% of our business is in home exteriors, so we have the process down to an efficient art.
Within 2 to 4 weeks of your 10% down payment, you'll be on the schedule ahead of everyone else. Our crews will correct the underlying damages, apply primer and then apply a top coat in any of 1500 colors of your choice, all done within a week, usually.  
Owners of historical homes, churches and other landmarks can rest assured that Georgia Coatings can restore your old treasure to pristine condition.
Georgia Coatings is certified to remove lead paint, and we are experts at handling older structures with care and regard for their delicate condition.
Rhino Shield comes with a 25 year warranty against cracks and disintegration. You'll be so glad you called Georgia Coatings for this worthy, durable investment.
You'll never have to paint again!
Posted: 12/29/2013
Re-Coating with Rhino Shield
By Pat Meek
Re-Coating your home or investment building with Rhino Shield is worry-free. With more than 1,500 colors to choose from, we can match your current color scheme. 
Choosing a quality product like Rhino Shield ceramic wall coating doesn't force you into limited color choices. Our ceramic coatings are available in over 1,500 colors. We can tint to match just about anything. 
So re-coating your property doesn't have to be a full-sized project. Just call Georgia Coatings for a free estimate. We'll come out and work with you to get your place ready for Spring.
Posted: 12/26/2013
Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating vs Wall Paint
By Pat Meek
Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating makes a superior product than mere wall paint.
Have you ever looked at regular latex wall paint? It's runny, and when it dries, it can be peeled right off because it is essentially a thin layer of plastic. Latex wall paint consists of 60% water, 'plasticizer' and color pigment.
But Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating is in a completely different category. it contains only 21% water, more saturated color pigment, and a whopping 46% elastomeric polymer ceramic beads for a thick, smooth, tight finish. It even includes mildewcides, fungicides and additives to kill mold and algae.
When it's time to repaint, call Georgia Coatings first for a free estimate to protect your home or property investment with Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating.
Posted: 12/17/2013
Our Rhino Shield Warranty
By Patricia Meek
Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating is so durable that we they offer a 25 year warranty.
 How can we offer such a generous warranty with full confidence? Ceramic Coating is more durable and long lasting than regular acrylic interior or exterior paints. Rhino Shield in particular is the best of the industry, independently lab tested by BASF and proven to last.
Our perfectly spherical ceramic microbeads nestle closely together to create a barrier against weathering that is tighter, thicker and more durable. We go through a full process of identifying problem areas and repairing them before applying a layer of primer. Then on goes our amazing ceramic coating in any of the 1,500 colors you choose from.
For years to come, your home or other property will be protected from rot, mildew, fungi, heavy rains, UV rays and winds up to 98 MPH, plus extremes of heat and cold, icy weather. Rhino Shield ceramic coating comes with a 25 year written, transferable, non-prorated warranty against fading, chipping or peeling. You can't go wrong.
Contact Georgia Coatings today to learn more about the Rhino Shield warranty and get a free estimate. You'll never paint again.
Posted: 12/2/2013
A Happy Holiday Home With Rhino Shield
By Patricia Meek
'Tis the season to decorate your home for the holidays. Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating stands up to the heat of bright holiday lights in direct contact with the walls, and has a Class A fire rating. 
Its ceramic microspheres create a beautiful luminescence unparalleled by standard acrylic or enamel paints.
The consistent circular shape of these tiny microspheres pack more densely to create a smoother finish.
Ceramic beads make a finish so smooth that an exterior coating sparkles in sunlight as well as it brightens the festivity of Christmas lights.
Indoors and out, your home can be bathed in a warm glow, as interior walls reflect dancing firelight.
Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating can be pretty festive, itself.
Have a party choosing from a selection of over 1500 colors! Contact Georgia Coatings now to take a look at all our selections. It could take awhile to decide.
Posted: 11/14/2013
What Does Bonded Coating Mean?
By pmeek
Rhino Shield is not paint, but a much more durable ceramic bonded coating. Yet what does bonded coating mean?
In technological terms, it means a finish or protective layer that adheres tightly to a surface. This occurs because of the tight cohesion between particles that make up the coating. Rhino shield ceramic coating uses microsphere nanotechnology originally developed by NASA to create particles that are tiny, rigid, ceramic globules - not latex paint - that cling together tightly to form a strong bond on almost any surface.
At Georgia Coatings, we're so sure of the power of this ceramic bonded coating that we have offer a 25 year transferable guarantee!
In practical terms, what does this mean for you? Ceramic bonded coating means better adhesion. Your investment will stay on longer, and be less resistant to chipping, cracking, peeling or turning color. It also means low thermal conductivity and less expensive heating and cooling bills. The ceramic spheres reflect harmful solar rays off the surface. In addition, this tightly bonded coating acts as a sound-proofer to make the interior of a home, office or warehouse more acoustically pleasant. 
Next time your property investment needs painting, don't paint! Call Georgia Coatings for Rhino Shield ceramic bonded coating, and never paint again!
Posted: 11/5/2013
Rhino Shield When You Need Mildew Proof Paint
By pmeek
Those of you who live in areas of high rain, intense humidity or tropical extremes can count on Rhino Shield for superior mildew proof paint protection.
Rhino Shield is not just paint, but a superior coating made of tiny ceramic micro-beads that compact together better for a more impervious protection against the elements.
It begins with a layer of adhesive primer, followed by our superior ceramic coating. It adheres to just about any surface. It seals the surface to prevent water from penetrating, yet is 'breathable,' allowing any moisture that does get past to quickly dry, making it mildew proof by not allowing mildew to begin developing.
What's more, Rhino Shield coating comes complete with built-in mildewcides and fungicides to counteract  whatever may be growing on your painting surface to start with.
Don't put it off any longer. If you live in rainy, snowy, tropical or stormy areas - or any place with extremes in temperature - you owe it to yourself to get a quote on protecting your investment with a mildew proof paint. Call Georgia Coatings at 678-405-4500 or use our convenient Contact form on this website to get a free estimate.
Posted: 10/26/2013
Rhino Shield Bonded Coating
By Pat Meek
Rhino Shield is not 'paint' but a bonded coating that provides superior protection!
Ceramic microspheres compress together better than paint to provide superior surface adhesion. These microspheres also provide a thicker overlay that protects against the elements much better.
This bonded coating is impervious to extreme weather conditions such as tropical heat and humidity, and arctic temperatures, as well as stormy wind and rain.
Other advantages to this superior coating are that it insulates, reducing heating and cooling costs, it helps to block out noises, and it comes with a 25 year transferable warranty.  
Georgia Coatings specializes in the application of Rhino Shield bonded coatings. Call 678-205-4500 or use out Contact page to get more information and/or an estimate today!
Posted: 10/19/2013
Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating Increases R-Value
By Patricia Meek
Rhino Shield ceramic coating acts as insulation to increase the R-Value of your home.
R-value is a measure of thermal resistance used in the building industry. It is the Ratio of the temperature difference across an insulating building material and the heat flux (heat transfer per unit area per unit time) through it. The R-value being expressed in units of thermal resistance. This is the unit value of any particular material. It is expressed as the thickness of the material divided by the thermal conductivity.
Georgia Coatings proudly uses only Rhino Shield coating in place of standard paint. It is composed of tiny ceramic microspheres that cling tighter, bond better, and provide a thicker barrier of protection against wind, heat, moisture and extreme cold for exterior (as well as interior) surfaces. This thicker coating acts as insulation as well, improving the overall R-Value of your home.
Contact us today for a quote. Get better coverage, better insulation, better protection, and lower monthly heating and air bills!
Posted: 10/11/2013
Rhino Shield As Seen on HGTV
By Patricia Meek
Get the ceramic coating that is so outstanding that it has been featured on cable's Home and Gardens Television (HGTV) twice.
Rhino Shield ceramic coating has been featured on HGTV's Curb Appeal twice as a solution to restore a home to 'like new' appearance.
The happy owners of a San Jose, California, brick ranch were delighted with the color and coverage, and will be pleased for as much as 25 years to come, with Rhino Shield's 25 year guarantee. 
Not only will the color remain stable in the hot California sun, but  Rhino Shield ceramic coating reflects solar rays, keeping the outside of the home cooler and helping to reduce air conditioning bills.
The second couple uses a lush maintenance-free Rhino Shield color to mask muti-colored brick. See how this polymer can be painted right over windows and then peeled off in a sheet. Superior weatherproofing!
Posted: 10/8/2013
Mildew-Resistant Paint
By pmeek
Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating is a mildew-resistant paint, excellent for areas where heavy rains, chronic moisture or heavy snows are a challenge.
Elastomeric polymers and ceramic microbeads go on smooth, providing a thick, waterproof barrier that is 8 - 10 times thicker than ordinary exterior paint. Our two-coat process with primer seals holes and cracks to provide an additional layer of waterproofing protection. Yet, our protective ceramic coating allows moisture vapors to pass outward, so paint dries fully and stays dry.
In addition, Rhino Shield outstrips standard paint with the addition of an EPA registered three part mold, mildew and algae killing additive - 16% of the total product - making it a truly mildew-resistant paint.
All of our paints are made in the United States, in a state-of-the-art facility, under industry-leading quality controls to ensure consistent product excellence. We meet EPA and Fire standards. In addition, we include a 25 year transferable warranty against chipping, cracking and peeling.
Contact Georgia Coatings today by phone or by using our online contact form, for your free consultation regarding our mildew-resistant paint.
Posted: 9/28/2013
Keep Your Ceramic House Paint Looking New
By Patricia Meek
Keep your Rhino Shield ceramic house paint looking new!
Although you will never have to paint again, regular maintenance of your exterior renovation work ‘seals the deal.’
Spring maintenance of your exterior ceramic house paint should include:
  •  Re-caulking joints around the exterior of your home that have weathered and may be causing seepage into the coating.
  •  Building up areas around the home where rain or runoff puddling occurs. Not only does this help to maintain a perfect finish, but it is vital to keep the foundation of your home dry so it does not crack.
  • Checking gutters and downspouts for leaks that can wear away at coated areas. Clean and replace guttering as needed.
  •  Rhino Shield ceramic coating rarely ever needs cleaning. But when it does, be sure to use only water, or water mixed with trisodium phosphate (TSP), which is available at your local home or hardware store. This chemical will clean, degrease, and remove stains without discoloring the finish. Never use bleach!
Then stand back and enjoy the results. Your Rhino Shield ceramic house paint will look like new for as long as 25 years. What a sound investment!
Posted: 9/14/2013
Don't Underestimate The Value Of Exterior House Painters
By pmeek
Your home has lost its curb appeal, or maybe it's time for a change. Your business is no longer attracting to patrons like it used to. Time for re-painting. But how do you go about looking for quality exterior house painters?
Reputation! A great place to start is by asking your local paint supplier. They know that quality exterior house painters use only quality paints. 

At Rhino Shield of Georgia, we use only superior Rhino Shield ceramic coating, guaranteed to last at least 25 years. It consists of 100% acrylic elastomeric polymers that aren't flat paint, but tiny encapsulated spheres that goes on thicker, adheres better, keeps out moisture and blocks noise levels, and is resistant to the harshest sun, cold, or tropical storm weather.

Our exterior house painters are every bit as superior as our paints. We pressure wash the building, scrape to remove peeled paint, repair rotted areas or replace the boards, refill stucco cracks, plus caulk up holes around nails to get as watertight a seal on the house as possible, and so on, to give us a fresh, smooth palate to work with.
Then we cover windows and doors to avoid splatter, and begin with a base coat of primer that blocks moisture and inhibits the growth of mold, mildew and algae.
Finally the ceramic top coat is added. It can be tinted to one of 1500 colors! You're limited only by your imagination. Then we make final touch-ups and clean away all the debris. A job well done AND done on time!

Call Rhino Shield of Georgia today at 1-877-678-2054 to request a free estimate for our exterior house painters, and learn more about what having a Rhino Shield home means!

Posted: 9/8/2013
Stucco Coating Made Easy
By pmeek
Stucco coating presents some of the greatest challenges to exterior painting. The surface can be extremely rough and difficult to paint evenly. Worse yet is the cracking and chipping that occurs from structural settling. Moisture gets into these cracks, creating an environment for mildew, fungus, algae, mold and wood rot. It also further undermines the integrity of the stucco finish. Sometimes large portions of stucco loosen and fall off. 
Rhino Shield has the ultimate repair for stucco coating, with a 25 year guarantee! It all starts with careful inspection, pressure washing to remove accumulated dirt, mildew and  mold, replacement of damaged areas, caulking as needed, and crack repair.
This intensive preparation is followed by our two-step coating process. The first coat is a sprayed adhesive primer that seals everything. It forms an elastomeric bond with the substrate. It moves with structural shifting, making it crack-proof and moisture-proof.
The second application of ceramic top coating goes on smooth and dries to a beautiful sheen. Rhino Shield ceramic coating is eight times thicker than ordinary paint, for better insulation and durability. It contains mildewcides and algaecides to kill anything that might try to make it's way to your foundations. Also, our ceramic coating waterproofs, soundproofs, insulates, and reflects sunlight and UV rays - saving you money on power bills.
Your new stucco coating is durable, waterproof, has a 25 year guarantee, and will look beautiful for years to come!
Posted: 4/16/2013
A Great Garage Floor Sealer
By pmeek
Rhino Shield ceramic coating works wonders as a garage floor sealer.
Consider the average garage floor: prone to saturating spills and also to cracking due to wider variances of temperature, since they are often not climate controlled. The garage floor also endures weight loads that the average floor does not experience. You need a paint that's tough!
Our coatings are made of perfectly rounded, carefully sized ceramic microbeads that 'hug' together more closely than average paint particles. This gives a 'tighter'  finish that is impenetrable to fluids and stains, and easy to clean, making it the perfect garage floor sealer. It goes on thicker than average paint, making it more durable.
Elastomeric polymers give our coatings a somewhat rubbery quality that resists cracking, peeling and weathering for up to 25 years - guaranteed! And, as if all this weren't enough, our ceramic coating includes ingredients that make it impervious to mold, mildew and algae. That's an important plus for a garage floor sealer, in case liquids pool up. 
When it comes to protecting your investment with a garage floor sealer, Rhino Shield ceramic coating is the superior choice.
Posted: 4/11/2013
Elastomeric Coating Reduces Noise
By pmeek
Rhino Shield's elastomeric coating helps reduce noise levels and deaden sound with ingredients that increase opacity and elasticity to creating a thicker, more resilient application.To put it simply, it behaves similar to rubber, in a way.
In addition, unlike simple latex paints, our elastomeric coating contains millions of tiny ceramic microspheres that break the sound waves and absorb them, creating an acoustic dampening effect. This is excellent for indoor applications in noisy areas such as load machine shops, or places where crowds gather, such as terminals, hospitals, churches, and performance venues where acoustic quality is essential.
Our ceramic elastomeric coating is thicker than regular paint, and applied in at least two coats, placing an effective sound barrier between you and noise in exterior applications as well. This can be applied to almost any surface. Think of it as a form of insulation. While latex paint is normally 60% water, ceramic microspheres and resins make up the core of our coatings, leaving room for only 21% water. It's practically like putting a blanket on your walls!
Give us a call, or contact us through the website. We'll be glad to tell you more. Rhino Shield lasts as long as 25 years, too. Chances are, you may never paint again!
Posted: 4/5/2013
Supershield Metal Roof Coating
By Patricia Meek
Don't get a new roof --  Rhino-Shield's Supershield metal roof coating gives new life to old roofs. It provides superior protection against the elements, as well as saving you time and money. The restoration may even qualify on your taxes as a maintenance expense.
Some of the problems encountered with metal roofing include oxidation, rust, gapping and holes. Holes and gaps must be fixed, and deteriorated panels replaced. Fasteners, flashing and seams must be caulked. Then the roof should be pressure washed to remove dirt and loose rust or mold.
Finally Supershield metal roof coating is applied. For steep roofs, Roof One Coat with built-in primer is used. Flat Roof System is a process of applying a primer and then a double layer of ceramic coating for maximum resistance against weather and puddling.
Elastomeric ceramic microspheres in a polymer base create a thicker, slicker, more weather-resilient barrier, which is less likely to crack, or peel even in the most extreme weather conditions. This rubber-like coating forms a thick shield against the elements that expands and contracts as the temperature changes or the building shifts.  It contains additives to kill mold and mildew, yet is eco-friendly.
This durable metal roof coating also beautifies your home or business as it protects.  Special "Cool Colors" pigment technology deflect the sun's heat and harmful, discoloring rays, lowering the surface temperature by as much as 25 degrees!
Call Rhino-Shield today to learn more about our metal roof coating systems.
Posted: 3/29/2013
How To Maintain Protective Paint Coating
By Patricia Meek
What's the best way to keep your new Rhino Shield ceramic protective paint coating looking great for years to come?
Our wall coating contains ceramic microspheres and resins, as well as ingredients that kill mold, mildew and fungi. These microspheres and resins create a smoother, tighter surface that resists dirt and stains, and withstands cracking or peeling. With its 25 year guarantee of durability, chances are you may never paint again!
It's easy to keep our protective paint finish looking new, but you have to follow a few important rules. Never use bleach. which can cause discoloration. For large jobs, pressure wash with TSP (tri-sodium phosphate), an alkaline cleaning agent and degreaser. TSP is inexpensive and can be purchased from any handyman store. For small stains such as muddy handprints, we recommend Mr. Clean cleaning squares. Dirt slides right off!
Rhino-Shield's ceramic protective paint coating is a super-paint that withstands just about anything nature - and kids - can throw at it!
Posted: 3/26/2013
Use Rhino Shield and Never Paint Again
By Patricia Meek
Rhino Shield's slogan is: Never Paint Again. Our durable wall coating is made right here in the U.S.A.by Amcoat Industries, Inc. It is not to be confused with the new impact-resistant cell phone glass made in the United Kingdom.
Standard latex paint consists of 60% water and some color latex.
Our Rhino Shield elastomeric ceramic coating has only 21% water. The rest is made up of resins, ceramic microbeads, algaecides and mildewcides, making our Rhino-Shield coating 8 - 9 times thicker. These ceramic microspheres - developed in the 1940's for America's jets and later, space vehicles - reflect heat and damaging UV rays to keep the surface cooler and less prone to cracking and strain.
The tiny ceramic microspheres bond together more tightly to reduce peeling and chipping. They also help to soundproof, and to make the surface resistant to abrasion,
The result is a much stronger, more weather and moisture resistant barrier between your property and the elements and great color that lasts for decades without fading. You may never paint again.
Our ceramic coating even comes with a 25 year transferable warranty. Saves on heating bills, too. Never Paint Again with Rhino-Shield ceramic wall coating!
Posted: 3/22/2013
Why Use A Surface Sealer ?
By pmeek
What is the advantage of  'going the extra mile' to cover your walls, roof or floor with a surface sealer instead of standard paint?
A surface sealer provides more micro-coverage than an average paint, creating a better barrier against wind, heat, cold and moisture. Rhino Shield ceramic wall coatings do just that, providing a nearly permanent barrier against the elements. Excellent for use in areas with extreme weather conditions such as tropical, marine, desert, snow and ice or rainy. This is backed up by BASF independent industry accelerated weathering lab testing.
Our ceramic coatings are not only durable, but easy to care for. The Adhesive Primer Sealer (the first part of our two-step coating process) adheres to almost any surface with a tight bond. Then the colored top coat contains millions of fine particle ceramic microspheres. Mildew, mold and fungus cannot embed in it. And cleaning is a breeze. The scrub-resistant paint won't wear out, making it an excellent choice for high-wear surfaces. 
Rhino Shield's coating also comes with a 25 year guarantee. An investment in our ceramic surface sealer might just mean you'll never paint again! 
Posted: 3/19/2013
Save The Earth with Eco Friendly Paint
By Patricia Meek
Celebrate the upcoming Earth Day by choosing Rhino Shield, the eco friendly paint!
Our environmentally safe ceramic coating is Low VOC (volatile organic compounds), safe to breathe, safe for skin contact, non-toxic, low odor and safe to put in a landfill.  Applied over lead paint Rhino Shield's thicker elastomeric ceramic bonding encapsulates harmful particles to decrease the chance of contact when scraped.
Our eco friendly paint meets the South's Earthcraft standards for better indoor air quality as well as lower utility costs. Rhino-Shield ceramic coating crates a wind resistant, flame retardant, heat reflective and moisture resistant barrier that lowers utility bills, resists mold, mildew and fungus, and saves on re-painting for at least 25 years. Guaranteed!
Call Rhino-Shield today to learn more about our entire line of eco friendly coatings for almost every type of building material.
Posted: 3/15/2013
Permanent Paint Solution: Ceramic Coating
By Patricia Meek
Rhino-Shield's durable, flexible, low maintenance ceramic coating provides a permanent paint solution for surfaces that endure extremes of weather and use.
Our permanent paint solution is two-step application, starting with an Adhesive Primer Sealer that waterproofs the surface and resists mold and mildew. This is followed by a ceramic coating that withstands heat, wind and ultraviolet rays.
The high build ceramic coating contains tiny solid beads that coat approximately eight times thicker than regular acrylic paint. This helps to waterproof, insulate, and soundproof just about any surface, including wood, tile, metal, roofing, vinyl and Hardi-Plank siding.
Your house will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, resist mold and dirt, and be more impervious to termites.
You may never have to paint again. Rhino Shield ceramic coating is so durable that it carries a 25 year guarantee, providing a permanent paint solution for many owners.

Posted: 3/13/2013
Ceramic Wall Coating Long Life Guarantee
By Archives Update from 2013/ Patricia Meek

Ceramic Wall Coating by Rhino Shield carries the best warranty in the business.

Our two-coat system carries a 25 year written, transferable weathering warranty against cracking, chipping and peeling.

 How can we make such a guarantee?  Independent accelerated testing labs at Atlas Material Testing Solutions, Troy and BASF chemical company confirmed that Rhino Shield's ceramic wall coating is durable beyond 25 years. You may never have to paint again!

Test criteria included fire rating, solar reflectance, vapor release, fungi and algae buildup, cracking and checking, chipping, tearing and salt tolerance.

Our ceramic coating is 8 to 10 times thicker, for better protection against wind and water damage. In addition, ceramic micro-beads make  our coatings impervious to sun damage.

Testing is an ongoing process. Rhino Shield ceramic wall coating must continue to pass the industry's most rigorous testing, including sub-freezing and extreme heat, in order to proudly carry our 25 year guarantee!

Posted: 2/7/2013
Rhino Rust Bond...Fix Rust - Rust Inhibitors
By Staff
Rhino Rust Bond is a unique, two part epoxy primer designed specifically for rusted and corroded metal surface. The bond will seal and contains an  inhibitor to improve corrosion protection. Rhino Rust Bond penetrates and will reinforce and bond heavy rust. 

This unique primer requires a top coat. Rhino Rust Bond is a two part, 100% solid epoxy system. Very Easy to install and will quickly become your favorite solution for for corroded surfaces.
Rhino Shield provides incredible adhesion to rusted, aged and corroded surfaces. Specifically designed to fix metal when blasting is not practical nor economically justified. The priming system will fix the problem, seals and unifies the substrate surface providing a paintable surface.

Get 25% off the entire job. Click here for details  or call 1-877-678-2054 and see why so many choose Rhino Shield to fix rust problems. 
  • Steel Wall / Beams
  • Metal Poles
  • Tanks
  • Containers
  • Rail Cars
  • Bridges
  • Metal Pipes
  • Metal Roofs
  • Parking Garages
  • Wrought Iron
  • Great Adhesion
  • Encapsulates Rust
  • Water Based Formula
  • Eco-Friendly, Non Toxic
  • Cost Effective
  • Great Alternative to Sand Blasting

Posted: 9/5/2012
Super Shield Ceramic Coatings
By Staff
For immediate Release
Announcing Super Shield® ceramic roof coating by Rhino-Shield. 

  • Increase Roof Longevity
  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Rejuvenate and Revitalize Roof Appearance
  • Seal Small Roof Substrate Cracks

Super Shield®’s elastomeric ceramic roof coating systems are ideal for virtually any roofing substrate and any roofing slope. Super Shield® latex-based products are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and applied with conventional professional installation equipment. All our products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art U.S. manufacturing facility with industry leading quality controls to ensure consistent product quality. Our facility has been manufacturing premium roof coatings since 1964.

We recognize that roofs are unique be it residential or commercial. For instance, roof slope is a critical variable in determining the most appropriate roof coating system to apply. Installation of an incorrect roof coating jeopardizes the effectiveness of the coating to protect against moisture buildup and insulation. To address roof slope, Super Shield® offers two distinct ceramic roof coating systems: Roof One Coat (sloped roof) and Flat Roof System (flat roof with slight slope).

Roof One Coat (for sloped roofs)

Roof One Coat is a self-priming ceramic elastomeric coating with a high build design ideal for one coat coverage and protection. Formulated with a high resin content, Roof One Coat offers great adhesion without the need of a separate primer. Ceramic microspheres and titanium dioxide result in a coating with excellent reflectivity and thermal insulation. The coating forms a thick rubber-like membrane that seals out water and expands and contracts with temperature changes and building movement. Roof One Coat helps resist mold and mildew. It also passed ASTM test D522 for extreme low temperature flexibility making Roof One Coat ideal for cold weather roofs.

Flat Roof System (for flat roofs with slight slope/well drained)

The Flat Roof System is a bright white elastomeric roof coating offering substantial waterproofing and insulation benefits with excellent flexibility and tensile strength. It is specially formulated for the demands of a minimally sloped roof (no ponding water). The system is a 2-step process which starts with our Roof Primer, a highly adhesive waterproofing primer that adheres to virtually any roof material. We then apply our Flat Roof which is a ceramic acrylic elastomeric coating that is applied twice to create a 14 mil (DFT) barrier of leak protection and mold resistance.

Posted: 8/21/2012
Ceramic vs Latex for Exterior House Painting
By Savannah Exterior Painters

If you’re like most people in Savannah, you do your homework before making decisions—especially when it comes to exterior painting for your home. Which exterior painters have the best reputation in Savannah? Most satisfied customers? Most competitive pricing? Quality work? You want to make an informed decision with a company that has a proven track record.

But when it comes to shopping around for a company that will be providing you with a product or service that’s new to you, you have to do even more homework right off the bat because you may not know exactly what qualities you need to look for in a exterior painting contractor.  Let’s say it’s the first time you've ever painted your Savannah home. You’ll really need to work with a local company that will walk you through the process and explain things to you thoroughly since it’s not a procedure that you’re particularly familiar with.

For example, Rhino-Shield exterior wall paint has one of the toughest coatings in the market. If you live in the Savannah area, you know how how corrosive the weather can be along the cost, especially in humid environments. Since you cannot change the weather or move you house away from Savannah, you need an exterior paint that will last.

Savannah Exterior Homes Painters has the solution. Rhino-Shield ceramic wall coating. We understand and recognize the fact that while most homeowners repaint at least once in their lifetime with traditional latex paint, they may not be familiar at all with Rhino-Shield’s superior ceramic coating and what having it applied to their home entails.

That’s why Savannah Homes Exterior Painters offers free estimates and consultations. This is so our expert team can give you a thorough breakdown of what it means to have a long lasting exterior paint, how it’s different from traditional latex paints, how much it will cost you and what you can expect afterward.

We want you to have all the info you need to help cut down on research. Call Savannah Exterior Home Painters today at 912) 335-6600 to request a free estimate and learn more about how Savannah Exterior Painters can help you!


Posted: 7/8/2012
Super ShieldŽ Testing Results
By Staff
Continual product development, research, and testing have been the cornerstones of Super Shield®’s success over the years. Many top ASTM laboratories, including BASF, are utilized to test and verify the high performance characteristics of the Super Shield® coating system. Super Shield®must continually pass the industry’s most extreme internal thermal tests where substrates are coated with Super Shield® and then exposed to subfreezing temperatures followed immediately by extreme heat and then subjected moisture. In addition to this extreme testing, Super Shield® is subjected to extreme exterior exposure testing. After years of exposure to many different environments, our proprietary system remains durable and continues to perform.

At Super Shield®, designing and testing is an ongoing process. We are very proud of our testing results and believe the tests support our position as the ceramic coating leaders. Independent testing confirms our performance claims, and offers assurance to our customers that Super Shield® will perform on their homes and businesses.

Some key performance characteristics include

Test Result ASTM #
Dry Film Thickness 12 mils
pH Level 8.45
Elongation 168% ASTM D2370
Tensile Strength 464 psi ASTM 2370
Dry Adhesion Aluminum 3.5 lbs/inch ASTM D903
Dry Adhesion Concrete 5.2 lbs/inch ASTM D903
Wet Adhesion Concrete 2.1 lbs/inch No Cracking or Checking
Vapor Transmission 19 US Perms ASTM D 1653 (wet cup)
Water Swelling 6% ASTM D471
Low Temperature Flexibility PASS ASTM D522 (mandrel bend)
Dirt Pick Up Resistance .872 Carbon Black Water Solution

Tests After Accelerated Aging Chamber (1000 hours)

Dry Film Thickness 12 mils
Elongation 84% ASTM D2370
Tensile Strength 464 psi ASTM D2370
Low Temperature Flexibility PASS ASTM 522
Posted: 7/4/2012
How to Cool Down on the 4th of July with Rhino Shield
By Natasha
Happy Independence Day from Rhino Shield!

Even the flag looks hot.

It’s going to be a hot summer. Georgia has already reached record breaking highs. If there were an Olympic category for successfully frying eggs on the sidewalk, we’d have some serious contenders around here! Luckily, our clients who have Rhino Shield on their homes are having a little easier time keeping their utility bills low.

In fact, when it is time to gather the family together this afternoon, their homes will probably be the favorite go-to location. With the lasting, no-fuss coating, our customers don’t have to worry about the coat cracking for the duration of the 25 year warranty. The ceramic microspheres protect their homes from the heat so they’ll be able to sit inside with friends and family without having to tax their air conditioning as much as they would with latex paint.

Sound tempting? When you’re finished sweating through your holiday in an attempt to keep your utilities low, give us a call at (678) 205-4500.

Posted: 6/20/2012
Protect Your Georgia Home from the Wind
By Natasha

One of the downsides to living in the warm, southern climate is that there tend to be a lot of storms. You probably have a lot of things that you worry about when thunder storm season comes around. Whether or not you like the sound of them or think that they help you sleep, you probably still prefer to keep your home protected. One thing you might not be considering is that rain can damaged the exterior.

Rhino Shield has passed standards in Miami-Dade for wind driven rain standards. In 2004, our product even showed to withstand 126 miles per hour winds in Okaloosa County Florida and then show no moisture penetration after the fact.

If you want to make sure that your home is protected from storms and water damage, call us at Rhino Shield to come out and give you an estimate for your home. We think you’ll love our product as much as we do!

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